Welcome to the weird side of things

“Do not shake the tablecloth out during the night ”, “Do not sew the cloth while wearing it, you sew your luck”, “Do not chew a gum during the night, because you chew the bones of the dead”...
These are some of the thousands phrases of prejudice and superstitions that were created by the early man. Guided  by his ignorance and his fears, by the need to explain weather conditions and nature that surrounded him. He had to give answers so as to get along with everyday life and with all the inexplicable events he was experiencing.
Numerous prejudice and superstitions were created by fear of death. At the dead man’s house, mirrors are covered with cloths in order to protect his soul not to be “captured” by the mirror and gettrapped in it. Once you hear that the hearse passing by, you should stand up or else there is the fear of you getting grasped by the dead...  In some areas, when the dead man gets out of the door they break a glass with water, for it is believed that the soul does not pas…

OPEN CALL 2020: Animators

We are using an old story, not to reiterate the past, but rather to present it in a new and unexpected way. With this project, we want to make our voice heard not only as artists but as active citizens, and share how we are experiencing storytelling
The world is changing fast and what we thought we could take for granted is just no longer true. The same applies in visual art. We believe we must find new ways of communicating with and engage our audience and we are actually doing it with this project.
The way we do it is by working independently, away from any established form of funding, and directly addressing each audience member asking to support us in any way she or he can.
Collaborating with artists from all over the world, and working with them in all stages of production. Moving away from the usual path of distribution and bringing WHISTLE project to open art exhibitions, as part of a transmedia experience. An entire thematic section under the same roof, that consists of all vis…