WHISTLE project: the beginning

The idea behind WHISTLE project was born thanks to a film with the same title! And it all started with a question. What if? What if we (the visual artists) could tell a story not following one person's vision/rule but rather combining all of our visions into one narrative. Take cinema for example. A visual art that is based on collaboration. It takes a lot of people to work together in order to tell a cinematic story, right? Is that "collaboration" always free?

Can each artist (illustrator, costume designer, performer, vfx artist, music composer etc...) express oneself freely in such "collaboration"? The answer most of the times is, not intiarly. You see, in the end, they all have to realize one person's vision. The director's, right? The same applies in other visual arts.

So, what would happen if we tried the other way around? Create one story, where all participants can add their personal vision/interpretation. A story, that represents many visual arts and, develops a mind of its own and invites everyone into a dialogue. Would that produce a piece of work with an actual meaning? And if yes, what would be the best way of presenting this work to the public? And what would the final message be?

Short Plot: The film is set in the backdrop of a city, in today's modern era. The story revolves around a woman, Anastasia, who finds herself trapped to her own ignorance. After she is forced to return home on foot, a twist of fate, changes her life forever.

Genre: Thriller, Suspense, Noir, Fantasy

The film adresses issues such as superstition, fear and vulnerability. Superstitions existed since ancient times in every culture around the planet. The need of creating a story, an explanation, for things human mind cannot explain with reason is still present today, despite technological evolution. 
The film is also part of WHISTLE project. A transmedia collective work/project that promotes a different way of visual storytelling, among other artistic and social issues. 

With this film, we want to make our voice heard not only as artists but as active citizens, and share how we are experiencing visual storytelling. 

Read all about it HERE.