The Project

What is visual art? What would be like for a story to evolve in time and space? A story that invites the "viewer" to participate creatively by experiencing all parts, discover, question and shape the final end. What would happen, if there was not one end to a story? Is there democracy in art? Are today's' visual creators able to express themselves freely? What are the social, political, religious and cultural stereotypes a visual artist faces today? How does modern society deal with the unexplained? How is superstition presented through different cultures and beliefs? What do we fear?   

WHISTLE project invites us, to experience visual art, through a multisensory installation. A world  inhabited by  ideals, dark stories, art and creation. A utopia!

The General Idea
The idea behind this endeavor was born out of the need to unite all visual arts under the same roof, fuse them together into a single narrative and at the same time let all participant members create, without any conventional rules or restrictions (learn more about it here). After creating an online open invitation, Greek filmmaker Thanasis Protatos, managed to put together an international group of visual artists, willing to make the idea of Whistle Project  a reality.

The result, today, a fictional story (learn more about it here) created by the minds of more than 50 visual artists, from 24 countries around the world, presented through more than a hundred pieces of artwork, that includes cinema, painting, photography, sculpture, live performance, illustration, video art, documentary, graphic design, and animation!

And that's because we do not think of visual art as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. 

Below we present some of the artists supporting the idea behind WHISTLE project, so far. Many more coming soon! The art samples presented in each interview, belong to each artist's personal portfolio and not represent submitted work, to WHISTLE project. The later, will be presented to the public during the official exhibition.

What themes/issues are you trying to tackle with this project?
  • Fear and Superstition. Superstitions existed since ancient times in every culture around the planet. The need of creating a story, an explanation, for things human mind cannot explain with reason is still present today, despite technological evolution.
  • Collective consciousness and Synergy in visual art. International artists working on a common idea, freely with no expressive restrictions or conventional rules. A project with a trans-cultural identity.
  • The power of collective storytelling. One story, many perspectives affected by different mediums and cultural backgrounds. The same way superstitions were passed on through the ages, a fluid narrative of the unknown!
  • Interactiveness / Dialogue. The public is asked to participate, question, learn about visual artistry and shape the final ending. Participant artists, create an "open sourse" platform on visual storytelling. 

Visual artists involved

Ayshia Taskin (Intermedia, Performance Artist, Scotland)
Sara Garcia Delgado (Collage Artist, Spain)
Viktor Melistas (Illustrator, Greece)
Georgia Aeraki (Painter, Greece)
Zuzanna Kledzik (Illustrator, Poland)
Konstantinos Xanthis (Sculptor, Greece)
Melina Pena (Action Artist, Mexico)
Shreya Suraj (Painter, India)
Esra Açar (Visual Artist, Turkey)
Eleni Kesisoglou (Video Art, Greece)
Maria Bilbili Amanda (Painter, Greece)
Allie Beer (Painter, USA)
Evi Amnioti (Painter, Greece)
Danyor Nevsta (Video Art, Bulgaria)
Giorgos Tsougkouzidis (Sculptor, Greece)
Anna Maria Kasprzak (Painter, Spain)
Lesli Bell (Painter, Australia)
Lauralee Sikorski (Visual Artist, USA)
Natasa Helioti (Sculptor, Greece)
Catherine Vitebsky (Sculptor, UK)
Radosveta Zhelyazkova (Visual Artist, Bulgaria)
Dorrine Nasri (Visual Artist, Tunisia)
Evan Lawrence (Illustrator, Indonesia)
Lita Poliakova (Illustrator, Germany)
Catherine Vitebsky (Sculptor, UK)
Helle Rask Crawford (Sculptor, Denmark)
Jennifer Wester (Visual Artist, USA)
Ala Leresteux (Visual Artist, Lithuania)
Ali Poswal (Painter, Pakistan)
Valia Lolidou (Photographer, Greece)
Jana Danilovic (Street Artist, Serbia)
Julija Rukanskaite (Visual Artist, Lithouania)
Corina Papafragkou (Graphic Design, Greece)
Marievi Mastoraki (Painting, Greece)
Unaiza Ismail (Video Art, Pakistan)
Maria Papantoniou (Painter, Greece)
Uttaran De (Photographer, India)
Sebastian Jimenez Galindo (Video Artist, Mexico)
Elena Stamatogianni (Sculptor/Painter, Greece)
Diego Bernaschina (Graphic Designer, Chile)
Eva Merendes (Illustrator, Greece)
Angelos Merges (Visual Artist, Greece)
Desire Betty (Painter, Canada)
Marievi Mastoraki (Graphic Designer, Greece)
Asna Mubashra (Painter, Pakistan)
Tina Reizi (Photographer, Greece)
Yang Shen (Video Artist, Taiwan)
Seeta Muller (Video Artist, New Zealand)
Patrick Matthews (Painter, UK)
Muberra Bulbul (Mixed Media, Turkey)
Maria Dimaki (Mixed Media, Greece)
Nadia Dermatopoulou (Video Art, Greece)
Sri Harsha (Video Art, India)