Location Scouting: Searching for the perfect scene

Location scouting is a vital process in the pre-production stage of filmmaking. Once our scriptwriters had decided what general kind of scenery they required for the various parts of their work, the search for a suitable place or "location" outside began.

Alongside assistant director Dimitris Vavatsis and co-screenwriter Sotiria Ioannidou, we searched every potential corner , street , alley in and out of Thessaloniki's metropolitan area , covering over six thousand square miles, over a period of two months! Finding the right locations is never an easy task and takes alot of effort. Since everyone on this project is restless and committed to the cause of creating a totally independent film , the process of find the right locations was a fan experience.

There is always something fascinating about urban landscapes during the night. The silence and darkness create an atmosphere on their own. It's almost surreal , surely beautiful in a wicked way.