Maria Papantoniou: floating between enigmatic figures

It's impressive how a single story can inspire such diversity through different mediums! Visual artists from around the world are taking part in WHISTLE project, in an attempt to present a multi-sensory experience never attempted before in the Greek visual art scene. And that's because we do not think of visual art as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel visual art should work.

In this article we meet painter, Maria Papantoniou, from Greece. 

How did you learn about Whistle Project?
I found out about the project on the Internet. I saw the open call and decided to participate. The idea of an exhibition of works having a dialogue with each other, seemed a very interesting idea.

What intrigued you?
The way the theme was tackled as well as its aesthetics, caught my attention. The challenge of creating a work inspired by someone else's idea.

From the first moment, I focused on the scene where the protagonist comes across this enigmatic figure. I tried to think of ways to adapt this scene into my way of creating.

I work on my pieces, on multiple levels and transparencies. I combine different elements, writings and forms. I analyzed my idea into the basic elements and then I decided what was going to be the structure of my synthesis.

What would you like to communicate with your work?
One way or another, my work revolves around the idea of the transition between one state to another. This sense of alterability I would like viewers to experience through my works.

Collective storytelling. Any comments?
The idea of coming together, meeting each other and interact through different visual art forms, I believe has a strong impact to both participant artists and viewers.

Why should anyone visit the Whistle Project exhibition?
The exhibition will be on open dialogue between international visual artists, with different artistic backgrounds and perspectives. This will offer viewers a great spectrum of visuals. On top of that, I believe that all ambitious art projects should receive the maximum support possible.

Do you believe in superstitions?
I don't believe in superstitions. I do believe though, that as a thematic, superstitions offer a great chance for creating a variety of art works.

How is your work connected to the story of WHISTLE?
My work is my own interpretation of the meeting of the two main figures, of the story. The loss of sound, speech is the most powerfully moment of the story. That is why I used this element as my base for my final piece.

All the works created for WHISTLE project by Maria, will be available to the public during the transmedia exhibition.

Maria Papantoniou lives and creates art in Thessaloniki, Greece. She has graduated from Applied and Fine Art School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her medium is primarily oil painting. Her works are rather subtractive. She has taken part in numerous group art exhibitions in Greece. 

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