Sri Harsha: creating with instinct

It's impressive how a single story can inspire such diversity through different mediums! Visual artists from around the world are taking part in WHISTLE project, in an attempt to present a multi-sensory experience never attempted before in the Greek visual art scene. And that's because we do not think of visual art as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel visual art should work.

In this short article we meet poet and visual artist, Sri Harsha, from India.

Why did you decide to participate in Whistle Project?
I saw a link about the Whistle Open Call on Trans-artists website. It seemed like a good opportunity for me to expand my artistic research so I decided to take part.

What intrigued you?
My main motive was the chance to further develop my skills and creativity, as an artist. I had already a youtube channel, running with visual content, so I thought it was a great idea to do something more. 

What was your workflow?
I didn't really followed any set idea in my head. I worked instinctively with a camera on my hand, shooting video and taking photos. Anything that would catch my eye.

What was your artistic style, any influences?
All of my style is influenced by anything that I see, encounter. Places I visited in India. Also I love the sky!

Do you believe in superstitions?
I believe in coincidences. This is what usually makes a lot of people believe in superstitions. Even God, for that matter!

What do you want people to see in your works?
Some people choose to see the light, others the darkness. Human behavior is uncertain. An artist's work can be regarded as "trash" by the public yet to the eyes of the beholder remains fulfilling and great and vise vesra. People are free do see what they please.

The art samples presented in each interview, belong to each artist's personal pre-existing portfolio and not represent submitted work, to WHISTLE project. The later, will be presented to the public during the official exhibition.

Sri Harsha is an artist from India. He is a poet, photographer, lyricist, videographer and stand-up comedian.

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