Sara GDM: open to more than one interpretation

It's impressive how a single story can inspire such diversity through different mediums! Visual artists from around the world are taking part in WHISTLE project, in an attempt to present a multi-sensory experience never attempted before in the Greek visual art scene. And that's because we do not think of visual art as an experience that when viewed fades away, but as an excuse, a triggering event, a reason to produce an artistic conversation and a literal dialogue with everyone interested. This is the way we feel visual art should work.

In this short article we present the work of Sara GDM, a talented visual artist from Spain.

How did you find out about Whistle project and why did you decide to participate?
I was looking for international calls on the internet when I saw the Whistle open call. I decided to participate because this is a great opportunity to collaborate with artists from all over the world creating a story together from the same starting point. 

What intrigued you?
The project was unusual and I liked the theme, the whole idea, and the fact that the Whistle creative team sent us some raw files to get some inspiration but did not reveal the whole story to us. While working on it, I realized why they did that: The story will not be finished until all our works are displayed at the same time. That will be the moment when it all finally makes sense.

What was your workflow?
I knew from the beginning that I wanted to do some collage art for this project. It would obviously be dark, ghostly. I examined part of the story, then did a bit of research on the topic and it all came out naturally after a couple of days. For the mysterious lady, I used two self-portraits taken by Adriana Sandec, a friend and artist who does bodypainting.

What was your artistic style, any influences?
It was collage/photo manipulation as I have been working on this medium for the last couple of years. I tend to draw inspiration from dark stories such as those of Edgar Allan Poe. However, most of my work is to be seen from a feminist approach too and so my collages are open to more than one interpretation. 

Do you believe in superstitions?
No, I don’t, although they can offer a great variety of resources and ideas for creating art.

What do you want people to see in your works?
I would love to visually stimulate people into a narrative that they can easily understand so that they can get involved in the process of collective storytelling.

Why should people support this project?
The project is based on a cultural exchange, reinterpretations of the same idea using many expression tools, all being done collectively by people from completely different backgrounds and nationalities. That only should be interesting enough. I am sure the results won’t be disappointing for anyone coming to the exhibition.

Why go to the exhibition?
It will be a good opportunity to see and experience the results of a unique project and share impressions and ideas with some of the artists.

Why did you become a visual artist?
I don’t think I ever made a decision to become an artist. I just like to create things almost on a daily basis and work hard to try to achieve my goals.

The art samples presented in each interview, belong to each artist's personal pre-existing portfolio and not represent submitted work, to WHISTLE project. The later, will be presented to the public during the official exhibition.

Sara GDM was born in Cadiz (Spain) and graduated in English Philology after doing two Erasmus exchanges in UK and Germany. She lived in London for another 4 years, then moved to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) where she is currently based. Since her arrival to the island, she has been actively collaborating with local artists and art collectives Parto Cerebral and Ars Magna in collective exhibitions and art markets. Inspired by music, literature, travelling and life experiences, her curiosity has led her to work with various techniques, although she has been working mostly with collage for the last three years. Her artwork has been displayed at the 9th Lanzarote Art Biennale, Espacio Dorffi, Sala El Quirófano, La Tabacalera (Madrid), Cozidos, Tent Gallery or Edinburgh Central Library along with Edinburgh Collage Collective, among others. It has also been published in the local art magazine nu2 or as the cover of the official monthly cultural events calendar by Cultura Lanzarote. She has designed festival posters and albums for bands, labels and feminist collectives related to music such as Femfriday in Brighton (UK). Sara is currently collaborating with Artobotic, a project that places art vending machines around Edinburgh, in places such as Edinburgh City Art Centre.