The 'Real World' story of WHISTLE project

Talking about demons and past beliefs might be cool and exciting but there are also other elements incorporated inside the story of Whistle Project that makes it appealing to its creators. Elements that have a direct connection with the real world, it's ups and downs.

Oftentimes in visual arts, we hear the word "collaboration". Whether it is cinema, theatre, fine or modern art, artists are invited to work in groups in order to produce a final piece of work. A feature film, a theatrical play or an art exhibition. But how much freedom is really there in such cases? Undoubtedly, a lot of people are called to work together in a group effort but usually the goal is to fulfill one person's vision or expectations. This person could bare the title of film/art director, producer, curator or panel judge. It could also not be a person, rather than a general line, a requirement or idea that needs to be followed and could be set by a production company, an art institute, a gallery or festival. In addition, issues like commerciality, social trends and popular culture can be added in the above condition. The message is profound...

So what would happen if we tried to work the other way around?

What if a community of creative people, representing visual art, tries to tell one story, at the same time, without being bound by any rule or convention, set by any individual, constitution or committee. An inquiry, an experiment if you prefer, in order to find out whether or not the so called "creative process" is also a "free process". Free from social norms, economic or political interests, egos, positions and possessions. Free from fear.

Would it be possible for a work like that, to have a truly collective character and meaning? Would it be possible for a narrative to have a structure from beginning to end or would this multi-diversity of voices eventually brings chaos?

Clearly, what we are asking ourselves and hopefully others along the way, is whether or not there is democracy in art! It is a question that exists for many years, nonetheless it still remains timeless and if we are allowed to say a taboo theme. One that it would be better not to be analyzed.

What do you think?